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Dona Amelia – Celebrity DJ, Singer, Actress and Performer

Dona’s Recent DJ/Singing Festivals & Gigs

Dona Amelia #1 Indonesian DIVA 2017, #2 FDJ Indonesia, #6 Asia FDJ, Top 100 #92 FDJ In the World (DJANETOP). Also Singer/Songwriter (Actress & TV Presenter) Dona Amelia, loved by fans globally has been making a huge impact in the entertainment business world wide during the past 10 years. Indonesia born Dona, commonly refereed to as the “Shakira of Asia” has toured countries including Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Sweden, England, Cambodia, Vietnam, China etc.

Dona was in 2017 awarded as the Nr 1 DIVA from Indonesia.

Together with the most famous DJs and singers, Dona recently performed on some of the world’s biggest stages including Escape Music festival, Music Republic and Sense of love with top DJ’s and singer such as Afrojack (Top 10 DJ), Don Diablo (Top 15 DJ), Diego Miranda (top 58 DJ), Christina Novelli (Top 102 DJ and singer), Standerwick (Top 10 Trance DJ), Apster, Matt Caseli (15 years Pacha Ibiza Residence DJ) and DJ Yen (DJ & Miss Universe Vietnam), Yan Beatfest June 2017, Disney on Ice launching in Jan 2017 as well as Live on the Fashion TV Yacht VIP party in Jan 2017 and many more.

Dona has also performed at many of the best clubs and bars in the world including Chill Sky Bar, Air 360, The Club Bangkok, The Beach Club Bangkok, Envy, SoHy, Apocalypse Now just to name a few.

Having been on the top of many charts globally her latest EDM release in September 2017 hit #16 on Mixcloud: BIG ROOM PROGRESSIVE MIX

Dona also plays many music genres and here is a HOUSE MIX

Dona’s Early Years

Dona Amelia was born January 25, 1986 in Banten Province in Indonesia. While still in high school and when completing a degree at University between 2003 and 2008, Dona toured all over Indonesia to perform at corporate and government events. She also performed in China, Taiwan, and the UK.

In 2007 she was signed by Blackboard (Pelangi Record) a major record label in Indonesia, The album was Hip Hop Disco Aerobic and her artist name was Donna Ray.

Dona’s next major breakthrough came in 2010 when she became the winner of SCTV’s reality show Charly’s Angel, one of the leading singing TV show competitions in Indonesia.

In 2012 she became further famous when she became the lead singer of Stinky, a popular Indonesian band. Their song Mungkinkah 2 was one of the best pop singles of the year in Indonesia.

In 2014 she got her new single Mujaer Mundur signed by Pelangi Record. It was widely played on TV and performed live all over Indonesia both on TV and at events.

Separately from DJing and singing, Dona is also a TV presenter. One of her most famous programs, SILET on RCTI was rewarded eight years in a row for the best infotainment. She also became widely famous by being the face of major TV shows such as Barclay’s Premiere League & Fifa World Cup on MNC TV, Golf Spot on JAK TV and Health Update on O’Channel. Dona has also been the guest star at dozen’s TV shows including Opera Van Java & Bukan Empat Mata on Trans7, Inbox on SCTV and Pesbukers on ANTEVE.

Dona has also has an impressive actress career. Her breakthrough in the movie industry came with Jadikan Aku Simpanan, Si Mamat Anak Pasar Jangkrik. The movie was displayed in Cinema XXI and later TV.


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